Globalwall FA C150

Double-skin wall system composed of liner trays Hacierba® 150/600 as the supporting structure, thermal insulation layer of mineral fiber decks, which is overlapping joints of trays to eliminate thermal bridges and the variable exterior cladding of facade trapezoidal profile.


  • Thermal-insulation layer of mineral fiber insulation th. 100+80mm (overlap 40mm), or th. 60+160mm (overlap 80mm)
  • Exterior trapezoidal sheet from thickness 0,63mm

Performance and characteristics:

  • Parameter of the thermal transmittance coefficient UD = 0,164W/m².K (overlap 80mm) or UD = 0,199W/m².K (overlap 40mm)
  • Airborne sound insulation parameter to Rw = 51dB
  • Fire resistance of the system to 120min for supporting structure with spans to 7,5m
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