Hairplan® is a range of siding for facade with smooth finishing or perforated Déco (Hairplan® Deco). This siding is available in pre-painted steel or Kristal®. When the surface is microwaved the name of the product is Hairline®.

  • Validated by CSTB, according "Cahier N°3747 May 2014".
  • Hairplan® 300 is used on masonry, on twin skin system, for new building or for refurbishing. 
  • Installation in seismic area
  • Fire: incombustible.
  • Performance against shock: Q4.
  • Prepainted steel: 1 mm
  • Secret fixing
  • Width: 300 mm
  • Height 40 mm.
  • Maximal length: 10000 mm.
  • Horizontal and vertical installation
  • Other aspects:
    • Microwave siding: Hairline 300
    • Perforated siding: Hairplan Deco
  • Production: France
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