Trapeza® 35/207 T

The low trapezoidal profile Trapeza® 35/207 T can be applied as the steel roof profile in roof structures with thermal insulation, or to cover non-insulated spaces. With the stock width of 1035 mm and the height of 35 mm it is the trapezoidal profile with good load capacity and the good utilization of the material.

  • Ideal for constructions of non-weatherized steel roofs on bearing sub-structure of purlins
  • Suitable load capacity thanks to many available thicknesses of the trapezoidal sheet for different load intensity
  • Options of anticondensation fleece for cold roof structures or the delivery of translucent profiles
  • Anticorrosion protection by galvanization or organic coating
  • Calculation software: Spaner
  • Production: Slovakia
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Trapeza 35-207 - 3D
Trapeza 35-207-2D
Trapeza 35-207 - 3DTrapeza 35-207-2D

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