Hacierco 70/200

Hacierco® 70/200 is part of ArcelorMittal Construction structural trapezoidal decking range with span up to 4,0 m, versatile product in modern construction. Mainly in industrial buildings with light steel frameworks used as a roof load bearing elements. The application possibilities very wide, the type of product to select depending on the construction system, the anticipated loads and design requirements. Structural roof decking with wide range of sheet thickness up to 1,5 mm. 

  • Durable and light roof deck with thermal and hydroinsulation for industrial and logistic buildings
  • Structural span of elements up to 4,0 m
  • Perfectly stackable for efficient transportation & storage at site
  • Steel grade min. S320GD with optimal corrosion protection with metallic ZMevolution and organic coatings, suitable for corrosion exposition of building
  • Sheet thicknesses: 0,70 to 1,50 mm
  • You can also access our Spaner calculation tool
  • Production: Poland
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