Hacierco® 3.333.39

The multipurpose roof decking and troubleshooting steel sheet that achieves low radius of curvature. The profile has three waves at a height of 38.5 mm and a pitch of 333.3 mm which brings a cover width of exactly 1000 mm. Like the similar cover profile, this profile can be bent or notched according to the needs of the project.

  • Usable for classic applications as well as for specific projects
  • Four different thicknesses with a weight of 6.98 kg/m² to 11.63 kg/m²
  • Reach up to 5.20 m for a sheet thickness of 1.0 mm at usual load
  • Possibility of small radius of curvature up to 5.0 m thanks to pre-bending at the factory by notching
  • Reference: Cahier CSTB n° 3537-V2 (01-2009)
  • Calculation software: Spaner
  • Production: Austria / Germany / France
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