Cofrasol 55/250

Cofrasol 55/250 is used as lost shuttering during pouring of concrete, therefore the trapezoidal profile doesn’t contribute to the bearing capacity of the slab when the concrete is dried.
Fast and easy to install, Cofrasol 55/250 can be used in new building or renovation project. It can be installed with all types of structure (concrete, steel, wood…)

  • Cover width of 1000mm
  • Efficient transportation and storage on site thanks to its trapezoidal shape
  • Available in steel thickness from 0,75mm to 1,25mm
  • Can be associated with concrete slab from 10cm to 25cm
  • The profile is galvanized with our metallic coating ZM Evolution® for protection against corrosion. It can also be pre painted with one of our organic coating
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