Cofraplus® 220

The additive floor Cofraplus® 220 combines the high strength of the patented deep-rolled steel floor decking with that of the reinforced concrete slab. An ease & fast installation, lightness & especially large spans are the characteristics of this process providing freedom for any application.

  • Enables spans of the floor decking up to 5,50 m without propping and up to 9,0 m with propping during concreting
  • Highly flexible in use: lightweight profile with 12.5 kg/m making it placeable by hand, thus reducing costs related to lifting equipment
  • Compatibility with steel, concrete or wood framed structures makes it suitable for new construction, extensions and renovations
  • Fire resistance of 60 to 120 min thanks to the simple integration of rebar in the rib
  • Discover the product video
  • Production: France
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